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There are so many tutorial in the internet, and even the docs of vue is also good and detailed.

But here I create a note regarding to get started with Vue.js

npm install -g @vue/clivue create .

Choose :

Then, to test kindly run

npm run serve

2. Bootstrap

npm install bootstrap

And don’t forget to add this line of code in main.js

import 'bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.css'

3. Install Vue Router

vue add router

4. Install Vuex (state management in Vue

vue add vuex


Install axios to connect to API

npm install axios

1st Post in 2020: Switching Career

By watching this... I'm kinda having mix feeling :' in his case, he switched career from data science into software engineer. Meanwhile me, I'm about to switch from software engineer into data analytics things. Honestly, I have no exact reason of doing so, it's just because my heart say so (?) at least till the end of 2020.

Before quarantine, I met a friend of mine and he said that he prepared for his next career journey as software engineer for 6 months by doing so many programming quizzes everyday as his daily…

Hi! It’s been a month++ since the last time I wrote about ‘Rearrange My Self’.

Today, I am going to write about education.

Well, it’s not an in-depth explanation about education, but it’s actually only the definition of education based on my point of view — or you can call it as — the insight of me who is getting involved in a volunteer program, “Kirim Kami ke Sekolah”.

It’s been 6 months already I joined this kind of social activity during my ‘new’ life as a fresh graduate.

For the past 6 months, I’ve been experiencing the ups and…

CONT’D (of the previous post: Hi, 2019!)

The other activity that I’ve been doing for the last 2 months is enrolled for an English course. Actually, I have no exact goal of taking this course except spending my time to study rather than go home and kill the time by scrolling my phone enjoying social media feeds before going to bed.

But then as time goes by, I feel my self in a mess.

I didn’t go to class for 2 weeks due to the iLab (homework) that hadn’t finished yet — I’ve to finish the iLab in order to…

Hoping it’s never too late to create a post titled ‘hi, 2019!’ I checked my last post, and it was published in November 2018. So, it’s been 4 months.

By this story, I’d like to list what I’ve done in the last 4 months and let’s see whether it was considered as productive or just so so..

Okay, I must admit that I have no certain goal to achieve for the last four months, and I think that I’ve to stop all of these messes. Having no goals, no exact plans, just going with the flow and ended up feeling…

when it still counting, I know that I shouldn’t be afraid of the cold conversation that might happen between us. Or at least I have a courage to believe that we’ll never naturally stop talking. Till someday I realize that you also try to always be a good companion, due to a lil thing I remember about a chat of yours in my birthday, that you are trying to be a good listener for me — somehow it convince me that we can through all of these; distance and how often we communicate are do not matter. Or maybe.. …

Kenapa gak daftar?

“Kok gak daftar cpns, mil?”

“Aku penasaran, kenapa kamu gak daftar mil”

“Kenapa? Coba aja sih.”

Entah sudah berapa kali aku dihadapkan dengan pertanyaan mengenai test cpns. Ok, here is my point of view related to this. Well, sejujurnya aku tidak mengharapkan orang lain memahamiku. Tapi lewat tulisan ini, aku cuma ingin berbagi, siapa tau ada insight yang bisa didapat dari ini.

Pertama, seseorang menjalani hidup naturally akan melihat orang orang terdekatnya. Dalam hal ini — tentang karir, aku selalu melihat keluargaku. Kakekku satu satunya orang terdekatku yang menjadi seorang pegawai negeri. Tetapi nenekku seorang pedagang. Dan…

Membaca Rentang Kisah semakin membuktikan,
bahwa jalan pikiran kita memang berevolusi dalam menghadapi sesuatu.
Pendewasaan diri bukan sesuatu yang instan.
Namun pelan tapi pasti, semuanya memang berproses.
Tuhan memberikan manusia akal untuk berpikir.
Namun tidak serta merta dengan lewatnya pertanyaan yang membuat kita berpikir menjadikan kita dewasa.
Tetap kitalah penentunya.
Apakah kita tetap akan menjadi manusia yang ignorance, meskipun Tuhan sudah menunjukan banyak kisi-kisi.
Atau kita akan mantap untuk mengikuti akal sehat kita dalam menghadapi sesuatu dan menjadi manusia yang leih dewasa?

Hi, this is weekdays and I’m wearing a jeans skirt as my office outfit today, LOL. Well, yeah now I am working at a tech company that allows me to wear anything — as long as it is comfortable. So here I am, feeling like go to the campus to get finished a bunch of coding, go to mall at noon to have lunch, then waiting for 5 pm to go back home.. and chillin’! haha. Alhamdulillah.

With every hardship, comes ease.

Everyone deserve happiness. But the thing is, what kinda happiness? Anyway, there is no such absolute happiness in…

about my #1stJob.

Ok, the story today is kinda teaser — about what I feel about my 1st job.

The difference between school and work life is that..
in school, you are not only responsilbe to do something,
but you also get the things all day long.
But in the work life, all you have to do is do the things,
and about how much that you get is depends on the company you work in.
I just realized that environment also matters.
How the poeple behave, what they talk during lunch break,
how they joke around, what kinda things that inspires them, what kinda topic
that can makes people gather around other than work issues,
the company culture, visions, and missions…
those are matters.


A learner | tulisan pikiran lewat, pendek-pendek, sekenanya | tinggalkan jejak setelah membaca ya, hehe. 1 clap doesn't hurt, right?

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