Vue (getting started)

There are so many tutorial in the internet, and even the docs of vue is also good and detailed.

But here I create a note regarding to get started with Vue.js

  1. Vue (environment getting started)
npm install -g @vue/clivue create .

Choose :

  • Manually select feature
  • Select ‘Babel’ (only)
  • Select ‘2.x’
  • Select ‘In dedicated config files’
  • Save this as a preset for future projects? Type ‘N’

Then, to test kindly run

npm run serve

2. Bootstrap

npm install bootstrap

And don’t forget to add this line of code in main.js

import 'bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.css'

3. Install Vue Router

vue add router
  • Use history mode for router? Type ‘Y’

4. Install Vuex (state management in Vue

vue add vuex


Install axios to connect to API

npm install axios